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Because you expect the best and we cannot do otherwise ! 

Catalog 2020



Since childhood, our first drawings very often represent a house, ours or that of our dreams ! There is the whole family, above there is the sun and the garden around. The house is in the center, that’s how important it is ! Then we grow and refine our dreams, depending on the paths we take, our life choices, the people we meet but also our income...
By creating
FREE HOME™, we wanted to retain the essentials of your childhood dreams and make them possible ! A house where one always feels

on vacation, in harmony with what surrounds us. An ecological and evolving house, autonomous and mobile, intelligent and comfortable, bright and free: a window to the world !
FREE HOME™ modules allow you to realize your childhood dreams : living by the beach, on a lake, in the forest or on a mountain, in the desert, on the banks of a river, at the north pole or near a waterfall... Everywhere, everywhere without exception and above all far from the pollution and noise of the cities.
It is after many trips to the four corners of the globe, studies in materials engineering then 11 years of experience in the field of luxury construction, that we were able to accumulate enough knowledge to finally be able to offer you the house you've been dreaming of since a young age !

It's time for you to live your dreams !


- First module ever ! 😉 -