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Catalog 2020



Pascal BOYER

European engineer in materials engineering and boss of various companies in the world of luxury construction for more than 11 years, Pascal allows our modules to be unique both in terms of design and architecture, as well as in terms of technical performance and structural.

Patrice BECU

Retired doctor, converted into real estate. Patrice, a remarkable globetrotter, contributes by his humanistic vision and his relational to orient our products towards healthier values.

Pierre BECU

Through his training in audio-visual and his commercial skills, Pierre brings a touch of modernity and dynamism to our company. It connects our products with new commercial media and refines the marketing aspect.


A young engineer with great potential, Corto recently joined the Free Home team. He brings to our company a new and modern vision in construction. He expands the technical staff of our modules and brings a new breath to their design. He is in charge of the Europe area.

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